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    Could smd translate this into JS-language

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      I'd like to compare speed of two languages - vbs/js.
      So, if smbd have spare time, translate this, pls into JS:

      b Set MyInd = CreateObject("InDesign.Application.CS3")

      b Set myDoc = MyInd.ActiveDocument

      b Set myTable = MyInd.Selection.Item(1).Parent.Parent 'get the table into object

      b CC = myTable.Cells.Count

      b Tt = 100 / CC 'step of tinting

      b For i = 1 To CC

      b myTable.Cells.Item(i).FillColor = "Red"

      b myTable.Cells.Item(i).FillTint = 100 - Tt * i

      b Next

      I'd like to test it on table 20x20. Cause in VBS it works extremely slow. Wonder, what about JS speed?