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    [AS] - InDesign CS can not get items via label since Leopard

      I have been using a script for the past several months which, among other things, would get a list of the rectangles with a label of IMGxxx and place graphics in them from a folder. It worked great until just recently. The only thing I can remember changing recently was upgrading to OS X 10.5.2 (however after the install from DVD nothing was wrong), so I performed every bit of maintenance I could (repair permissions, clear cache files, periodic cleanup, flush the DNS cache, etc.) with no change.

      I attempted to reinstall the InDesign application but it kept quitting on me after the EULA warning screen, so I manually deleted all of the com.adobe.x files in the library/preferences folder which at least let me reinstall the application. After I rebooted after the reinstall I opened an InDesign file and ran the following script just to test:

      ]tell application "InDesign CS"

      tell document 1
      tell page 1
      set myPageItems to every page item whose label starts with "IMG"
      end tell
      end tell
      end tell

      and all I got was a result of an empty list.

      Is this a known issue or is it only happening to me? I know that Many people here will recommend that I simply update to CS3 and all will be better, and I'm working on that, but it is not immediately in the cards. Downgrading to the earlier 10.4.11 would be equally problematic, though PROBABLY not impossible, but I am hoping that someone here knows of a fix or can give me some things to try out first.

      Thanks in advance