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    [CS3 VB] Import options when placing an indd doc.

      When you use the Place functionality to place an InDesign document into another InDesign document, if you choose the "show import options" checkbox you get some "Crop to" options. How can I set these options during a programatic Place, without prompting the user. If this were a PDF instead of and indd document, I would access the PDFPlacePreferences namespace.

      Thanks for any help.
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          Funny -- it's called an
          b ImportedPageAttribute
          (i.e., app.importedPageAttributes controls it).

          It's funny because every noob' has a problem with the old PageMaker terminology
          i Place
          a file, instead of the more accepted "Import". So the 'import' options for a PDF are named "PDFPlacePreferences"; then, why should this one be "Import"? As you cannot do anything more with this than with a placed PDF.