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    How to assign Label to frames

      Hello All,

      I want to identify some particular frame by name to import the data to that frame only.

      Is there any option in indesign for this? Or thru script how can i handle this?

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          In InDesign:
          Select Window -> Automation -> Script Label. The Script Label window should be visible. Select your particular frame. Activate the Script Label window, and click inside the text area. Type in any name you want; do NOT press Return (it will end up in the name) or switch to another panel (the label won't "take"); press Tab once, and the label will be stored. (IMNSHO: a serious UI flaw...)

          In JS:
          Select the particular frame. Run this script:

          app.selection[0].label = "your label here";

          If you check the Script Label panel, you will now see the label assigned to the frame.
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            Hi, i need help in JS. I need to add text frame and make the number of column to two. how do i write code in javascript. please help me.
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              You need some help on posting questions first.

              The button you keep pressing is "Post Reply". That tacks your question to the bottom of the
              b current one
              -- just like you see now. Although regular readers will notice your question, it's irritating and confusing. Think of it like butting in on another discussion with an irrelevant topic.

              Another problem is that other people (not you, apparently) who actually use the Search option on this forum can find relevant help easier if every question has its own thread.

              If you go back to the entire list of discussions -- this one: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3bbf275d.eea52bc/ --, you can see a large gray rectangle at the top with some introductory text. Read that first.

              Only THEN click on the small button
              b Add topic
              at the bottom of that same rectangle. That way you can type a relevant title (NOT something like "Pls help me") and your question, along with a short description of your version, your platform, and your programming language of choice. If you are new to programming, indicate that as well, so the volunteer answering your question can take that into account.

              Do not take this post to be insultory or derogatory. Most noobs ("newbie"; someone who is new to this forum, to discussion threads, to the internet, to computers, or to life in general) who make similar errors or faux-pas can expect a similar answer. It's just to make you learn, in a friendly way.

              Also, don't reply to this post. That would make this a sort of meta-discussion -- a discussion on discussions -- and make it yet even more irrelevant to the original thread.

              Hope this helps.