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    External script calls from Java


      I am currently in the process of writing an application in Java that will call upon multiple sources to create a product brochure with InDesign CS2. Currently these sources are an Excel document (.xls) or a web service. This is a smart application to calculate what should be entered based on a series of user choices provided by calling other web services, as well as providing a security layer for logging into the service.

      My question is this: if I want to input the product data into the InDesign template from my Java application, how would I go about this?

      I am quite happy to call a script (JavaScript/AppleScript), though I am unsure if this is possible without running the InDesign Server. My clients will not have the server installed and I need to be able to complete this process without relying on the use of the server.

      Now as I understand it I should be able trivially access my data using my Java application. Once this is complete I can call a JavaScript/AppleScript function and pass this information to the template for formatting. If this is not possible or not the correct way of dealing with this problem, please let me know.

      Please could you suggest the best way to go around this? Links and examples would be much appreciated.