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    Applescript doesn't work

      I've got InDesign CS3 on mac os x 10.5.2. I have updated the sample scripts from http://www.adobe.com/products/indesign/scripting/index.html, but still have trouble running most of the scripts. From what I can gather it is the scripts that display a dialog box requesting further information. The dialog boxes do not appear.

      I've opened the scripts in Script Editor and run them from there and watched the Event Log, but there doesn't seem to be any errors and they run all the way through without the dialog box opening.

      The script I really would like to work is the LabelGraphics one. I've tried others just to test them, such as CornerEffects and nothing ... no error ... no dialog box.

      Does anyone have any idea?
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          sstanleyau Level 4
          Run this script first:<br /><br />tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"<br />    set user interaction level of script preferences to interact with all<br />end tell<br /><br /><br />-- <br />Shane Stanley <sstanley@myriad-com.com.au>
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            Hi Shane,
            Thank you so much for that, IT WORKED! You wouldn't believe how grateful I am to you. I've spent the last 2 days googling, reading through my text books, trying different things and mostly scratching my head.

            Is it too much to ask as to how come I have had to run this script - did I do something wrong during my feeble attempts to script - I am new to this?

            Anyway, once again - thank you very much.
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              sstanleyau Level 4
              On 26/4/08 12:25 PM, "Karen Sloan" <member@adobeforums.com> wrote:<br /><br />> Is it too much to ask as to how come I have had to run this script<br /><br />It's possible that you ran a script that set the user interaction level to<br />never interact, and it crashed or otherwise forgot to set it back. It's also<br />possible that it changed all by itself; there are strong suggestions this<br />can happen.<br /><br />For these reasons, it's a good idea to include the line in all scripts that<br />show dialogs.<br /><br />-- <br />Shane Stanley <sstanley@myriad-com.com.au>