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    [JS] (CS3) InDesign->Bridge->mySQL (and back)

      Hi there

      I'm trying to connect InDesign to mySQL database. So far I managed to make Bridge read/write to mySQL via its HttpConnection object (JavaScript Tools Guide.pdf p.170) & Apache/PHP:

      if (webaccesslib == undefined) {
      if (Folder.fs == 'Windows'){
      var pathToLib = Folder.startup.fsName + "/webaccesslib.dll";

      var libfile = new File(pathToLib);
      var webaccesslib = new ExternalObject("lib:" + pathToLib);
      var http = new HttpConnection("http://localhost/adobe.php?var1=A&var2=B"); // INPUT (Crude way of passing data to Apache)
      response = http.response; // OUTPUT

      I'd like InDesign to pass the request(string containing the webpage address in this case) to Bridge, then make it run the code and finaly read back the contents of the "response" string.

      I've read the documentation twice before I gave in. Can anyone please give me a hint how to run this from InDesign?

      Thanks a lot