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    XSLT to convert CALS tables into html?

      This may be the wrong forum to post this, but I don't know
      where else I can, so I would very much appreciate if anyone
      can suggest where I can find such information.

      I need to write XSLT code that will transform
      CALS tables that InDesign exports in XML into HTML.
      (I can't simply use the xhtml export feature. I need to
      do the transformation from XML to HTML.)

      For starters, what would be the XSLT code that I would need to convert








      <p class="pstyle_cell">aaaa</p></td>
      <p class="pstyle_cell">bbbb</p></td>
      <p class="pstyle_cell">cccc</p></td>
      <p class="pstyle_cell">dddd</p></td>
      <p class="pstyle_cell">eeee</p></td>
      <p class="pstyle_cell">ffff</p></td>

      The thing that I am having the most trouble with
      is the extraction of the number of rows and columns from
      the xml file and creating the appropriate "for" loop
      that will get the <tr></tr> tags in the right places in the HTML.

      Thanks in advance.

      Tak Osato