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    filepath to a shared drive

    Really Randy Level 1
      I'm trying a script that adds a "j_" to the beginning and an"_a" to the end if the file name and then saves a pdf to the hardcoded directory on a share. I can't seem to get the path to the directory correct. Here is the directory path I wish to save to:

      and here's the script:
      try {
      with ( app.activeDocument ) {
      // Export the pdfs to the ZWEB with correct naming conventions
      myPDFFile = new File( filePath + "/Common/FastChannel/watchedfolders/ZwebPDFs/" + "j_" + app.activeDocument.name.split(".indd")[0] + "_a" + ".pdf" );
      exportFile( ExportFormat.pdfType, myPDFFile, false, "[Smallest File Size]" );


      Does anyone know how to hard code a path to a share?