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    Languages - LanguagesWithVendors - Vendors?

    Martin Fischer Level 2

      there are 'app.languagesWithVendors' and 'doc.languages'.
      But where are the vendors?

      Is it possible to get information about the available languagesWithVendors for e.g. hyphenationVendor of a language (length of them and name)?

      One of my aims is this:
      I would like to ensure that the application uses the installed hyphenation modul of the plugin InDihyph for whatever language it is available.
      Means: if an 'InDihyph'-module is availlable for the language 'German: Traditional' then use InDihyph (otherwise use 'Proximity'. If an 'InDihyph'-module is available for the language 'French' then use 'InDihyph'.

      Nearby: there is one thing that makes me surprise.
      'hyphenationVendor' is one property of 'language'.
      I can recall the value of 'hyphenationVendor' and will sometimes get 'Proximity' or 'WinSoft'.
      But if the 'hyphenationVendor' of a language is 'InDihyph' I cannot recall this.
      Inspecting the language-object whose 'hyphenatonVendor' is expected to be 'InDihyph' the data browser of ESTK 2 doesn't show a property 'hyphenationVendor'. This property seems to get lost if 'InDihyph' is applied to be the 'hyphenationVendor'.
      Means: hyphenationVendor is not null or '' (empty string) but it cannot be listed like the other properties in the data browser. But it is listed as a property, if the hyphenationVendor is 'Proximity' of 'WinSoft'.

      But you can apply 'InDihyph' as hyphenationVendor of language within a try-command like this:
      myLanguage.hyphenationVendor = "0xAE700kInDihyphServiceNameKey";

      What makes the property disappear?