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    Automatic tests of my plugin via JavaScript

      Hi all,
      I've been working with C++ API for ID for 3 years but I've never tried scripting. Till now.
      I guess it's easy question but I haven't found an answer for it yet, so....

      I plan to use JavaScript for testing of my plugin. I want to use JavaScript to simulate user to automate some testing which must be done whenever I add a new functionality to plugin. And because testing is really boring I want to automate it somehow.

      So I'll invoke step by step every menu item and then check whether it creates demanded EPS, PDF files on file system. My plugins functionality is pretty easy but there is lot of plugins settings which must be tested each separately. And that takes a time.

      So my question is:
      Imagine that I invoke "myDoExport" menu via JavaScript which launches plugins method myExportMethod. That method finishes and then shows a dialog whether you wish to export also EPS file[Y/N]. Now. Am I able to select one of those choices via JavaScript and let that script continue?