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    Table cell style (CS3)

      Dear all,<br /><br />I've transformed my CALS table as below, but I am still not getting the desired results.<br /><br />Below are few points, which are concerning me:<br /><br />1. The hierarchy of table disappears after <title> in the structure panel and the rest of the table gets converted. <br />2. The good thing is that all the alignments are correct in output.<br />3. The aid:pstyle="table_tx" does not appears in structure panel as well in paragraph style panel (shows [Basic Paragraph]) <br /><br /><formaltable id="T0001"><br /><title aid:pstyle="table_tt">Table 1.&#x02003;XXXXXX</title><br /><table aid:table="table" aid:trows="3" aid:tcols="3" aid5:tablestyle="table_style" frame="topbot" orient="port"><br /><tgroup cols="3"><br /><colspec colnum="1" colname="col-1" colwidth="1*"/><br /><colspec colnum="2" colname="col-2" colwidth="1*"/><br /><colspec colnum="3" colname="col-3" colwidth="1*"/><br /><thead valign="bottom"><br /><row><br /><entry aid:table="cell" aid5:cellstyle="thead_cell" colname="col-1" align="left" rowsep="1"><br /><para aid:pstyle="thead_cell">Trading partners</para><br /></entry><br /></row><br /></thead><br /><tfoot valign="top"><br /><row><br /><entry aid:table="cell" aid5:cellstyle="tfoot_cell" colname="col-1" namest="1" nameend="3"><br /><para aid:pstyle="tfoot_cell">Source. Direction of Trade Statistics Yearbook 2002, IMF, pp. 157&#x02013;159.</para><br /></entry><br /></row><br /></tfoot><br /><tbody><br /><row><br /><entry aid:table="cell" aid5:cellstyle="table_tx" colname="col-1" align="left"><br /><para aid:pstyle="table_tx">Australia</para><br /></entry><br /><entry aid:table="cell" aid5:cellstyle="table_tx" colname="col-2" align="char" char="."><br /><para aid:pstyle="table_tx">682</para><br /></entry><br /><entry aid:table="cell" aid5:cellstyle="table_tx" colname="col-3" align="char" char="."><br /><para aid:pstyle="table_tx">1,027</para><br /></entry><br /></row><br /></tbody><br /></tgroup><br /></table><br /></formaltable><br /><br />I was googling around for the solution for the solution and found a table code (see below), which after importing correctly displays the paragraph style in structure and paragraph style. I though don't found the difference what I've above.<br /><br />Sample<br /><br /><table aid:table="table" aid5:tablestyle="meinTabellenformat" aid:tcols="1"<br />aid:trows="1"><br /><entry aid:table="cell" aid5:cellstyle="meinZellenformat"><br /><paragraph aid:pstyle="meinAbsatzformat">Text in Zelle</paragraph><br /></entry><br /></table><br /><br />Can somebody guide what I am missing in my code. I am sure that I am near to solution but missing something important.<br /><br />Thanks in advance.<br /><br />Best,<br /><br />Pankaj Chaturvedi<br /><br />======================================================================================= =====