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    Help Needed: InDesign Scripting: PDF Multiple Files and Pages Import

      I am looking for a script to merge two PDFs in InDesign CS3 (Mac or PC);
      with an interesting twist for print production.

      We have one PDF that is 408 pages. The second PDF is only one page.

      What we need to accomplish is importing the 408-page PDF file into InDesign,
      then inserting the second 1-page 408 times PDF AFTER every page of the first

      This will make a 816-page file, where every other page is the "generic" PDF.

      I've used PDFplacer.jsx and it does a great job of bringing in a PDF to
      InDesign. I'm hoping that there is another script to bring in the second
      1-page PDF and have it place this PDF after every page of the file.

      Does anyone know of a script that will accomplish this task?

      I'd also consider having this same scenario done in Acrobat, and then
      sending this new 816 page file to print, if there is any benefit to creating
      the file this way.

      Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Jim Lukens-Gable
      JHL4 at PSU.EDU