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    Two simple SnippetRunner questions which I cannot answer.

      I've started with "JavaScripting" and to be honest I am still confused. I played a little bit with SnippetRunner example.So I have two questions.

      1)Where does "sdkCodeSnippetRunnerObject" name come from?

      In "snippetrunner\examplefiles\scripts\javascript\SnippetRunner.jsx" is this.

      >// get the SDKCodeSnippetRunner object
      var snippetRunner = app.sdkCodeSnippetRunnerObject;

      I understand that in xxxx.fr there is defined "sdkCodeSnippetRunnerObject" object and is added to application object but when I tried to find this string in source codes "sdkCodeSnippetRunnerObject" simply didn't exist....

      2)How can I run some snippetRunner method?
      I wrote this.

      >var snippet = snippetRunner.sdkCodeSnippets.item(53);
      if (snippet.canRun() == true)

      but it didn't work. 53 should be PlaceFile snippet.