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    JS CS2 scripting color/swatch attributes

      Im trying to write a QC script in InDesign CS2 Mac OSX (not Leopard)that checks a color/swatch and makes sure that the overprint attribute is set to on (true).

      Overprint Fill status can be assigned in Paragraph/Character/Object styles. But I also need to check for incidences where it was applied individually, by hand as it were. The only way I can think of to thoroughly check is to cycle thru every letter character in a document, as well as every graphic.

      I know that the Swatches palette has a menu item for highlighting unused colors, so I know ID is tracking that usage. What Id like to do is tap into that, tracking the swatch/color Im interested in to each thing its applied to. But I cant find where in the Document Object Model that might be - no obvious property/method is listed in the references for the Color(s) or Swatch(es). Im pretty new to scripting, so better not assume too much knowledge on my part.