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    Import failure of PSD file when placing into IDCS2 on Apple Mac OSX.4.11

      I am generating my own PSD files by inserting an alpha channel into a regular RGB PSD 9.0 file with the help of a python script. The result PSD files are placed in IDCS2 and IDCS3 with "import options" on. IDCS2 does NOT recognize the alpha channel, while IDCS3 DOES.

      - What plugin is used to place PSD files into IDCS2?
      - What plugin is used to place PSD files into IDCS3?
      - What is the difference between these two plugins?
      - Can anyone re-program/complie/create a plugin for IDCS2 that behaves like the one in IDCS3?

      I have test files availble, screendumps of the import options dialog for IDCS2 and IDCS3, and need urgent help/solution for this problem.

      Aram de Glas