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    Break Link with Style

      Hello all,

      I need to break a link to an object style via script. I found this discussion:

      jxswm suggests the line founds[i].applyObjectStyle(dstStyle, false, false); but this is the same as clicking on "None" and not the same as calling "Break link to style". I.e. the formatiing is lost and replaced by [None].

      Has anyone found out how to break the link without the object changing its formatting?

      Thank you very much.
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          How about this approach? I started by creating a pageItem and giving it a new object style. Then I selected the object and ran this script:

          myObj= app.selection[0];
          myStyle = myObj.appliedObjectStyle;
          myTempStyle = myStyle.duplicate();
          myObj.appliedObjectStyle = myTempStyle;

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            Very interesting idea. Thank you Dave.
            I'll give it a try today
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              Thanks again, works like a charm. :)
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                Ah, not quite. "myObj.appliedObjectStyle = myTempStyle" removes overrides. But myObj.applyObjectStyle(mytempStyle, false false) does not, so this is easily fixed.

                For any lurkers or archive-diggers (like myself ;) ) my entire routine:

                  var myMenuAction = app.menuActions.item("$ID/Copy");
                  app.clearOverridesWhenApplyingStyle = false;
                  if (app.selection.length > 0) {
                    var noStyle = app.documents[0].objectStyles[0];
                    for (var n=0; n < app.selection.length; n++) {
                      var myObj= app.selection[n];
                      var myStyle = myObj.appliedObjectStyle;
                      if (myStyle != noStyle) {
                        var myTempStyle = myStyle.duplicate();
                        myObj.applyObjectStyle(myTempStyle, false, false);
                  } else {