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    How to Teach Scripting

      Can anyone help me prepare a short course in scripting for some design students? I'm looking for schemes of work, lesson plans and tutorials as well as online resources -

      Many Thanks
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          srakete Level 1
          Hi Tony,

          if your language of interest is JavaScript,
          I have all relevant Links and Books on my homepage. It is in German but a lot of links point to english - language resources.


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            Hi Tony,

            When I teach scripting, the thing I emphasize is that one can start with relatively simple scripts and then build more complex scripts from them. Taking a "building block" approach really helps, especially if you're working with non-programmers who might be daunted by being presented with a large and complex script.

            I'm happy to share the presentations I've used at various conferences--just drop me a line (my email address is under my user name).