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    [CS3][VB] Unknown spread property KeepTogether in CS3


      I used in CS2 the spread property "KeepTogether". This is a boolean type with r/w access. It controls whether the pages of the spread should stay together.

      This property is now missing in CS3.
      Is there any workaround?

      Best regards

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          You should now use the AllowPageShuffle property. This change is consistent with the UI change. In CS2, the Page's palette offered "Keep Spread Together" and so the property was Spread.KeepTogether.

          In CS3, the comparable command in the Pages panel is: "Allow Selected Spread to Shuffle" and so the object model has been changed.

          Inconveniently (for users) they've used exactly the same property name as is used in DocumentPreferences and so the description (for JavaScripters, anyway) in the OMV is pretty unhelpful:

          Data Type: boolean
          If true, guarantees that all new spreads added to the document contain a maximum of two pages. If false, allows pages to be added or moved into existing spreads. For override information, see preserve layout when shuffling.

          I wonder where we're supposed to find "preserve layout when shuffling"? And clearly, this is a description of the document preference, not the spread option.