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    Blank or old SWF

      When I compile a simple project, I keep generating one of two results:
      1) the project compiles, but runs an old version of the project - I can verify this, as when I add a simple label to my file and it is not be included in the new build
      2) the compiled file only shows the default grey background in Flash player

      I'm using Flash Player 9.0 and I have the "Build Automatically" option turned on.

      Also, I noticed that if I perform a "Clean" on a project, resave and attempt to run my project I get the error "file not found: <file location>".

      Anyone else experiencing these problems? I have no idea we are going to migrate our existing 1.5 projects to 2.0.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          ur_dtrain Level 1
          You need to check you project properties (right click on the project's folder), then check the sections regarding Flex Build Paths and Flex Server. It's possible that the swf is compiling somewhere else, and the html file is pointing to an improper location. The easiest way is to check the modification date/time stamp on the swf (it should update with each compile) then check that the URL is pointing to this file. You'll need to ensure the source code in the html for the object/embed tags are appropriate as well.
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            mikiM Level 1
            I have the same problem, changes to files are not compiled. The work around (for me) is to RMC on the application file and set it as default application.