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    Upgrade to Vista/Office 2007 blew my CS2 VBA script to heck...

      I am scripting a conversion program in Excel 2007. I cannot get the CreateObject to work. Period. The code worked fine under Office 2003 under XP, but now I get "Type Mismatch" at the

      Set MyInDesign = CreateObject("InDesign.Application.CS2")

      line of code. I have checked the references, and they are on for the InDesign CS2 type library. I have run this as both a standard user and as administrator. No joy.

      I did, however, go into Office 2007 macro settings and change the security settings to enable all macros and trust access to vba project object model. Once I did this, the above line of code generates an "Out of Memory" error.

      Yes, I shouldn't have gambled with changing a Microsoft product, but I figured we would eventually all be using Vista whether we wanted to or not, as Microsoft is dropping support and development of XP soon...

      But regardless, we are dead in the water... any ideas???