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    Problem in Hyperlinkpagedestination

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      I am scripting InDesign CS3 using JavaScript in the OS X environment.

      My objective is to create a new hyperlink page destination with parameter should be

      Type = page
      Name = "A02"
      page = 1
      zoom setting = Inherit zoom.

      For Above parameter i using following script but i am getting error "Object does not support the properties and method hyperlinkPageDestinations" and "undefined is not an object"

      var my_selection = app.selection[0];
      var my_hyperlik = app.activeDocument.hyperlinkPageDestinations.add();
      my_hyperlik.hyperlinkPageDestination.destinationPage = my_selection.parent;
      my_hyperlik.hyperlinkPageDestination.nameManually = true;
      my_hyperlik.hyperlinkPageDestination.name = "A02";
      my_hyperlik.hyperlinkPageDestination.viewSetting = HyperlinkPageDestinationPageSetting.inheritZoom;

      I am doing some thing wrong in this script. But i am not getting what.
      Please help.

      Thank you,