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    Print All Colors As Black Using VB Script on CS3

      Is there a way to set all colors as black using a script? I have found the TextAsBlack option, but I also need it to work with images on the page. I have not figured out how to set the ink alias within a script (have not been able to find any information on how to so) and the print presets do not seem to include the ink alias setting. Below is what I have so far.

      Rem PRINT FILE
      Rem ----------
      Function myPrintFile (myInDesign, myDocument, myPrintToFile, myFileName)

      With myInDesign.ActiveDocument.PrintPreferences
      .Printer = myPrintToFile
      .TextAsBlack = True
      .ScaleHeight = 98
      .ScaleWidth = 98
      .PagePosition = idPagePositions.idCentered
      .PaperSize = "A4"
      .PrintFile = myFileName
      End With

      myInDesign.ActiveDocument.PrintOut False

      End Function