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    Robohelp and Office 2003 suddenly not working


      I'm working in the IT department for my company. I don't use Robohelp myself, but one of my collegues do.

      I'm trying to figure out why his Robohelp with Office 2003 suddenly stopped working. Seems like there may have come an Office update that Robohelp wasn't happy about. But that's a guess.

      Symptoms: What we are seeing, is that the RTF file just keeps growing. Up to around 150-200 mb, and then Word stops responding. Just freezes. Before the problem, the file stayed much smaller. The projects are not only new ones, but also older ones, that have been compiled before.

      Measures taken so far: We have reinstalled his computer. with a fresh Windows XP. A new Office 2003 with SP2 and other updates. Then Robohelp with all updates. Both X501's and X502.

      Is anyone else experiencing this? And better yet, does anyone have a cure?

      Thanks - Peter