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    [CS3][VBS] Delete Unused Swatches ALSO clears Gradient Swatches!

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      Hi Folks!

      Heres another weird one. This code deletes unused CMYK swatches properly but also sets the background of some gradient swatches to black.

      myUnusedSwatches = currentdoc.UnusedSwatches.Count
      For myLoop = 1 To myUnusedSwatches
      On Error Resume Next
      Set myUnusedSwatches = currentdoc.UnusedSwatches.Item(1)

      *** I even through this in as a last ditch solution, but it only works sometimes***
      if instr(lcase(currentdoc.unusedswatches.item(1).name), "gradient") = 0 then
      else myUnusedSwatches.Save
      end if


      Any ideas?