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    Extracting text from selected stories

      Platform : Windows
      Version: CS2
      Language: VB Script

      I run a weekly newspaper and each week, I want to repurpose approx 60pp
      to put on the web.
      The stories are unstructured and each page is in a single ID document.
      I thought that a headline and story text box could be manually selected and a script run to copy the contents to the clipboard, with a marker to split the headline from the following story.
      Equally, in the case of a picture, a path and caption could be captured.
      The data could then be handled by a VB programme, to create a file for each story.
      I know this seems quite laborious, but with shortcuts, the job will take about an hour.
      Is there a script somewhere that I could look at and modify to do something like this?
      Alternatively, is there a better way of repurposing unstructured documents for the web?

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          Hi John,

          Try the ExportAllStories.vbs example script--it'll export all of the stories in a document into a folder. That's probably not exactly what you want, but it'll give you a reasonable place to start.

          You can find it in the CS2 sample scripts archive, at: