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    CS2/MAC/Applescript: XML Export problem with Special Character (thin space).


      I just have noticed that the base XML export of Indesign doesnt encode/keep the unicode value of Thin Space in the exported XML. Strangely, a non-breaking space is encoded ( ) and a few other higher range unicode values (well not encoded, it's in the text data just like any other character).

      The thin space is converted to a char 63 (?). I have tried utf8 and utf16.

      Is this behavior documented somewhere? There is no option in the export window.

      Does it mean that the only complete and reliable way to export text data is to have another script to export the tagged page item text content? (i definitively can do this, but it's remove alot of the simplicity of using the base XML export) [and make any simple xml/text roundtrip unfunctionnal]

      Anyone having experience with XML workflow can confirm if i have just met a known limitation of Indesign??