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    Retrieving Applied for Drop Shadow

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      Indesign scripting doesn't have an 'applied' property for DropShadow, even tho it has em for all the other effects. Anyone knows how i can get through this?

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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional
          You consider the thing the wrong way.
          Dropshadow is not the starting point but the end of your journey.
          First you have to talk with a object that may have a drop shadow then either get the value or set a value.
          for example, assuming that you select a object that has a drop shadow,
          you can use
          app.selection[0].transparencySettings.dropShadowSettings;angle=120/* a value between -180 & 180)*/;
          I try to apply a drop shadow on a clear element and it's true I failed. in fact, datas seem to be considered but not applied in real time to the selection. But if I apply a drop shadow manually, the object get the value I ordered formerly.
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            The DropShadowSetting has a mode property which will be either NONE or DROP.  From this you can infer whether or not the drop shadow is applied.