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    How to create Anchored Object using Javascript

      Hi all,

      Instead of adding a new textframe and setting it to an anchored object, is there any possible way to create an Anchored Object directly using Javascript. It may be in either CS2 or CS3.

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          Hi Hemi,

          Sure--tell the insertion point to create the object. For example, to add a text frame:

          //Given a reference to an insertion point "myInsertionPoint"...
          var myFrame = myInsertionPoint.textFrames.add();

          Now you have a text frame anchored/inline in the story. Next, recompose the story containing the frame:


          ...and resize the frame.

          //Given a frame width and height "myFrameWidth" and "myFrameHeight"...
          var myX1 = myFrame.geometricBounds[1];
          var myY1 = myFrame.geometricBounds[0];
          var myX2 = myX1 + myFrameWidth;
          var myY2 = myY1 + myFrameHeight;
          myFrame.geometricBounds = [myY1, myX1, myY2, myX2];

          At this point, you can adjust the frame's anchored object settings (your settings will probably vary, but this should give you the idea).

          var myAnchoredProperties = myFrame.anchoredObjectSettings;
          myAnchoredProperties.anchorPoint = AnchorPoint.topLeftAnchor;
          myAnchoredProperties.anchoredPosition = AnchorPosition.anchored;
          //NOTE inconsistent "o" in "offset".
          myAnchoredProperties.anchorXoffset = 0;
          myAnchoredProperties.anchorYoffset = -13;

          Hope this helps!