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    Text Enlargement


      If making the text in textframe decrease in size by adjusting the text's verticle and horizontal scale in a percentage (say 80%), how to know the actul point size the font decrease? Is there any equation to calculate the actul Font Size (in point size) after enlargement?


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          Martin Fischer Level 2

          I am not sure whether I did understand your question very well.

          But if you decrease a text of 10 pt down to 80% you will get an effective pointsize of 8 pt.

          Just calculate 10 pt * 80/100 = 8 pt

          Is this what you have been asking for?

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            Level 1

            Thank you for your help. Yes, you said is right. I think I'm being confused by the baseline shift of the the Text display on the screen. I need to change the baseline shift accordingly after decrease the text in size.