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    Tables in CS3

    Emanuele Radaelli
      Hi to you all girls and boys, first post here and not exactly an expert in ID scripting...
      So, is there a way to know the position of a table?
      I need absolute coordinates of the table (x, y)... or even relative to the text frame that contains the table.
      Looking at table properties I just found dimensions of rows, columns and cells... not really helpful.
      Hope you understood what I'm looking for.
      Sorry for my bad english and thanks anticipately all you girls and boys!
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          You've picked a hard one. You have to deduce where the table is by getting the baseline and horizontal offset of the insertionPoint immediately before the table.

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            Emanuele Radaelli Level 1
            Well Dave, I thought it was so... such a lot of variables, because I've got text before and after the tables!

            Thanks anyway.
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              Question regarding formatting text inside of tables. I have tables full of specs for product brochures I am working on. These brochures change size and now I have a 2 page table that must change from a horizontal brochure to a vertical layout. I cannot seem to find a way to select the type within a section of the table (the intro line to a section within the table is a different formatting style than the "body copy" of the text within that section. So, far, I seem to have to select each individual cell and change it one sell at a time. If there is a way to do this more globally I would be very thankful to know now. Thanks. Betsy
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                I think I found a way to do it using the character palette. At least, this is speeding up the process considerably.
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                  if I understand you correctly - in JS you can use .everyItem to change Text params for range of cells

                  that is an example from Dave's post - almost 2 years ago ;)
                  from 2006-07-19 ;)

                  myCells = app.selection[0];
                  myCells.cells.everyItem().texts[0].appliedParagraphStyle = "tableColHead";