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    Selecting a Text Frame in another file (JS/CS3)

      Hi, I'm a newbie so this is probably a dumb question.

      I'm trying to copy the contents of a text frame in another ID file and copy/paste them into another text frame of my active document. Every example I find creates a NEW text frame and copies it and they work fine but I'm having trouble selecting the text frame or its contents (it's the only object in the document) in the already existing document.

      The section I'm struggling with is:

      var mySourceSlugDocument = app.open(File("/Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Testfile.indd"));
      var mySourceSlugPage = mySourceSlugDocument.pages.item(0);
      var mySourceSlugFrame = mySourceSlugPage.pages.item(0);

      I'm doing something wrong here. It doesn't like the 'parentStory' in the select line. I'd be happy with a way of just doing a 'select all' and being able to paste it into the new document with a variable name so I can edit it.