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    [AS] Using the "place" command?

    Kevin Parrott Level 2

      Im trying to place a illustrator eps onto the second page in my document, but the "place"
      command doesn't seem to work, I see other people are having issues with getting it to work also,
      is their a sure fire way to make it place the requested file?, if so what would it be, ive tried all sorts of combinations,
      all of which fail, with (most of the time) ID doesn't understand the "place" command?, I have seen
      that you can call a javascript that will do this but I know zero about javascript, any help welcome.

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"
      set myFile to "Macintosh HD:Users:PATH TO EPS"
      tell my document
      place alias myFile --on page 2
      end tell
      end tell


      ID CS3 - Applescript