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      My name is Amit. I am scripting InDesign CS3 using JavaScript in the OS X environment.
      I complete my script. My question is i want to put some security on the script so that nobody can use this script without my permission . Lets take example if you wrote your script in c. You can give .exe or .out file. By this way your program is safe. Is there any way that i can make my script secure.

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          At what level would you deny or grant access to your script? Per use, per person/computer/company, for a set time period?

          You can export your script from the ESTK as a binary jsxbin file (see how to protect a script for selling?; that discussed a few related topics).
          That will make it
          i harder
          (but not really "impossible") for the advanced scripter to see what you've done.

          Protecting it from
          i use
          by someone else is quite something different. You could distribute it as a zipped package with a unique password (and send the password separately), but as soon as it's unpacked it can be sent around at will.

          You could start each session with a password dialog, but I doubt people will appreciate it ...

          If it's to be sold via the internet, I think I'd settle with putting some unique identifier in each sold copy, linked to the buyer's name. Let the buyer know you did, and warn them not to distribute it.
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            >Lets take example if you wrote your script in c. You can give .exe or .out file.

            That doesn't help. Programs can be decompiled, even manually if needed. This is
            how early internet worms were handled so that they countermeasures could be put
            into place.

            The link that jongware provided has good info.
            This is any easier way to get there: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx?7@@.3c0574a2/1

            because of the name changes.