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    Table Format VBS CS3

      I have a pre existing script that we used in CS and CS2 to reformat a pre-existing table.

      I won't include all the VBScript but what it basically does is this -

      -Take an existing frame that already has a table.
      -Then the borders are changed and the text is aligned.
      -Then a dialog box appears and you can then select colors for different cells, etc.
      -After doing that the colors are filled into the different cells.

      The script has worked in both CS and CS2 perfectly (other than making few minor changes like setting the Application to CS, CS2).

      After trying it in CS3 instead of reformatting the table it strips the borders completely and then adds a table above the existing table/text.

      My question is if anyone knows of any major changes in CS3 for Table Formatting?