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    [AS] Overriding Master Page Items

      I'm pretty sure that to get the following script to work past the last line shown without throwing an error, I need to first override the page items I am trying to get into List_1. Unfortunately, I can't figure out the syntax.

      Is it possible script something similar the pages palette command in the GUI "Override All Master Page Items?"

      I've tried things like:

      tell every page item of page g of myDocument
      override destination page page g of myDocument
      end tell

      but I can't get anything like that to work.

      Thanks for any help.

      ---code snippet

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"
      set myDocument to active document
      tell myDocument
      repeat with g from 1 to 2
      if exists page g then
      set List_1 to (object reference of every item of all page items of page g whose name of item layer is "Product Frames")