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    Resize Font

      Hi, this is my firt topic in forum, i dont speak inglish very well (I live in Brazil) but I will try to ask the question.

      Whether needed is to know when the text exceeds a text frame, for example when very type text within a text frame and red arrow that appears to expand.

      I would treat this, for example if the text than via script I shrink the font.

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          Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Text frames have a property 'overflows2, which returns 'false' if all the text fits in that frame, otherwise it returns 'false':

          if (myTextframe.overflows == false)
          //do something
          //do something else

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            Thank you very much, was just that oque needed.

            Taking the topic, I wonder why I am going to lose the stress it with the SOAP inDesign Server. (Translated by google eheheh)

            Thank you again ...