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    How to create object for a interface (or) how to use ITextModel Interface

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      I am new to vc++ and indesign, i am using windows xp as OS and Indesign CS3 as version, now i want to know how to create an object for the ITextModel Interface (or) how to use the ITextModel interface, for getting the selected text and to manipulate the content, for this i tried myself to the best for more than a week,

      but i not get any solution or any idea to do it, so i post this scrap, if any one knows kindly help me immediately, if u want any more details kindly reply me i am ready to give..

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          Dirk Becker  Level 4
          Hi, Ram,

          as Jongware already has explained in a previous thread, this is the scripting forum, the SDK forum is next door.

          Besides, your question has already been answered over there in SDK forum - with a reference to an existing example, including documented source. There is also plenty more documentation (780 pages alone in the programming guide) and other working examples.

          The brief response was a perfect match to the vague, general scope of the question. If you want more details, be more specific yourself. Do not just touch such major topics as selection, text, object architecture in one sentence to expect a silver bullet. Instead, stick to one detail, find and read the relevant examples and documentation (did I mention the programming guide?) yourself e.g. using keyword search. Quote your code where you're stuck.

          Being new to both VC++ and InDesign is an explanation but no excuse. IMO, same goes for "using windows xp as OS". All together are bad starting conditions if you intend to write a plugin. Even a seasoned C++ programmer with some years of experience in publishing quirks will easily require months, so don't become impatient after just a week.

          If you need quick results and have a programming background such as a recent Java101, reconsider scripting (this forum). It can bring you amazingly far and you'll learn InDesign through a simplified object model. Same principles apply - there is plenty documentation and a good choice of examples.