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    Exporting newspaper to HTML

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      I have a task to put almost complete newspaper to the web.

      My current solution is to select all the frames of an article and using
      a script export it into separate text document tagged with custom tags.
      The result is something like this:

      headline text..

      Works perfect, but just for one article at a time.

      It would be nice to have complete newspaper, or at least complete page
      in one file.

      There are alternatives to use XHTML or XML export with some scripting.

      As far as I've tested XHTML export it some times messes up the page
      structure. Some text frames appears at the unexpected places...

      IMHO tagging the document with XML tags, wold take roughly the same time
      as exporting separate articles...

      So I'm wondering is there a way to export the newspaper easier than
      using my script?

      Any ideas, or links to similar threads appreciated
      Thank you, Algis.
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          David Pitsford
          Are you using Assignments? If so there is a pretty clean scripting way of exporting the whole document out to one xml file, or individual assignment xml files.

          The reason I ask, is that Assignments have all the necessary linking from textFrame to textFrame so you get the whole Story xml'd together.