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    Where to find it? JSX CS3 Win

      As a relative newbie to InDesign scripting in JavaScript (JSX), I am having a hard time finding the right codes (classes, methods, whatever). The logic is less of a problem.

      For example, how did HorizontalMeasurementUnits end up in ViewPreferences? In InD the ruler units are under the Ruler Units in the Units and Increments preference.

      MeasurementUnits gives me the class element as POINTS, when points seems to work to describe the unit.

      I know the ESTK Object Model dialogue will auto-present options, but that's only if you have started down the right track.

      Reading 500 pages of sample scripts and references spread over 7 PDF documents just isn't very efficient when I don't know what I am looking for.

      I'm not complaining (much), I just want to know how others cope.