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    Open source solution

      Hi guys, I have just started with InDesign programming and would ask if exists some Open Source Soulution like K4, Smart Solution Enterprise from WoodWind etc. ?
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          liedzeit Level 2
          What do you mean exactly? An open source project that does the same or something similar to K4 or Woodwing? Open as in free? Your are probably out of luck then. If you mean scripts that work with K4 (do not know about Woodwing) that is a different thing. Most of the stuff I write is commercial, but some is free. So what do you need?

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            yes I mean free system an analog of K4, and after that to customize the workplaces.
            But licencie are very expensive

            May be you can advice me something usefull for that. I would think about some parts like
            - control of files,
            - auto-style of template parts (indesign),
            - Editor's control of text on the page,
            - contol of layout

            Some ideas?
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              liedzeit Level 2
              There is, of course the K2 solution, which is more affordable. But as an alternatve you can script a solution that would pretty much do everything you want. I have done it for our customers who do not need a database solution. But it is not free.
              It is not that difficult. I store every "meta information" like issue, section, status etc. in the xml tree of the InDesign document. All windows are made with ui-scripting. The "article" is defined by Adobes assignments (which is disabled in K4).
              Like I said, I cannot share the stuff, but I can encourage you, to try to do it yourself.

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                Hi alex

                I'm currently working on something similar. But I wouldn't call it "open" because it is based on commercial layout app (and $25 Rorohiko plugin) and I certainly woudln't call it "solution" because I only started few months ago.
                So far I managed to connect InDesign to mySQL database and have it generated one section of the catalogue automatically. If I do any text changes (and some layout changes) to the file they are immediately reflected back to the database.
                And that's it. No decent UI at the moment and no flexibility, so it can't be used on any project without tweaking
                I have a suspicion I was reinventing wheel with it, but I wasn't able to find community developing project like this, where I could contribute and benefit from.
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                  Hi Weller, sound is good! I have ICQ 31871112, or sparta.prague[-]gmail.com . I can help you with the project. Please give me more info about it.