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    [JS CS3] Weird grouping behaviour

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional
      Hi, I am facing a weird trouble.
      Assuming mypicgp may be either a ungrouped pageitem or a group,
      mybtn is a button, mylabel a textframe.

      i mypage.groups.add([mypicgp,mybtn,mylabel]);

      line works fine if mypicgp is ungrouped object. It creates a group.
      If mypicgp is a group of pictures, the script fails but as weird as it is, a group is created anyway looking to what I want to get.
      BUT it seems it duplicates the button and the label. So my final group is made of mypicgp (the primary group), 2x mybtn & 2x mylabel.

      Any idea what's wrong ?