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    Unmapping styles to remove XML tags

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      I have an AppleScript that sets up an XML Export Map for style to tag mapping, using a known set of customer styles, and I'm adding a check for non-standard (unmapped) styles to include those as well as unknownstyle tags. This is all working well.

      What I'd like to do now is create an Unmap script that would remove all style level tags, leaving just frame level tags. The customer is working with K4, and sometimes articles will be reworked after initial processing, or be copied to start a new version of the file. So we'd like tags out for a cleaner file at that stage, which they'll then retag at the end of the editing prior to export.

      While this is easy through the UI (edit style to tag mapping, and choose [Not Mapped] as the target tag for a given style sheet), I can't find any way of doing the same through AppleScript. I have tried setting the markup tag property to "", null, 0, [Not Mapped], and a few other things, without success.

      Does anyone know of a way of doing this, or know if it is unsupported on the script side so I can stop looking?

      Thanks, John
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          Hi johnrob

          I'm not sure if I understand you right, but did you try:


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            Hi Marc,

            It looks like that is the way to go. I was hoping to find a way to unmap specific style sheets, since that would be the direct opposite of the process used to add style sheet level tags in the first place. (And the articles also contain frame level tags, which I do not want disturbed by this process.) But while that action is possible through the UI, it does not appear to be supported via scripting.

            However, by looping through and untagging XML elements of XML elements of the main XML element, the result appears to be correct. I'm not entirely clear why this is working, since the second level is not just the frame level tags, but the results look good, so as long as this keeps working I won't worry about exactly why.


            - John