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    Global preferences in Indesign


      The adobe help center says that the ID CS3 "InDesign preference settings are fully scriptable." (global preferences)

      great. But how do i get startet`? Anyone want to share their preferences fil to show me how to get startet?

      thaks in advance :)
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          Hi lamina,

          you first have to tell us which prefs you want to script.
          There are dozens of different prefs at each corner of InDesign.

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            Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            And not all of them are scriptable.

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              basicalle the issue is, that we are many users which should be useing the same global preferences.

              Normally i would just replace the applicationdata/user..etc version 5.0 file with the one with the preferences we want to use. But the help center says that it can cause an unstabil system. Also i found out, that if i replace my replaced version 5.0 file and then replace it again, it seems to loose the settings. (does that make sence)

              When starting up indesign, i therefore need at script, concerning all the settings in the preferences palette in indesign (edit>preferences>general)ore is it actually better to just replace the version 5.0 file.

              What preferences do u have a script for?