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    [AS] Dealing with InDesign quitting/crashing

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      I have an app I'm developing that will need to process 100 of 1000s of files. I'm looking for suggestions to how to effectively deal with InDesign crashing at any point of my script. I have another app that processes a lot of large files and occassionally ID quits or crashes. Often times there is an OS dialog stating that ID has crashed and nothing can continue until that dialog is dismissed, sometimes there is a message that says "the connection is invalid". Again nothing can go on until this is dismissed.

      Is there any reliable way to dismiss OS dialog boxes?

      Is there a way to watch for ID being active in the script? I've used things like "tell system events, if "InDesign" is in current processes, then..." to check to see if ID's active or not. But if it's crashed and I haven't gotten to that point in the main function to call the handler, what else can I do?
      I don't think I can realistically call a handler to ask for ID's active status before every thing it does, can I? I mean I could, but it seems like a waste to call a function isIDRunning() every 3 lines of the main function.

      From a practical standpoint, if ID quits I just need a notification and be able to move some files and folders around in the Finder. Hence if there is a Finder dialog message then those files can't be moved until clicked. And after that maybe things timeout waiting for me or another operator to see that computer X has crashed and needs a dialog clicked.