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    finding locale-independant strings

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      Hello all,

      I am still struggling with InDesign's locale-independant strings.

      The line
      var aSubMenu = myMainMenu.menuElements.item("$ID/Object");

      works just fine. But the next menu in line
      var aSubMenu = myMainMenu.menuElements.item("$ID/Table");

      yields nothing.

      Also the line

      gives: "$ID/XML_TableName,$ID/kTablePanelTitle" but not the menu.

      What am I missing here? Can it be that some menuItems do not have a locale-independant form?

      Thank you
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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional
          Hi Gerald,
          In the Indesign CS3 scripting guide there is a piece of explanation on menus. There is a script to write a list of all menu actions (in locale version). So if a element is not translated in locale version, you will see it in a second.
          Could it help ?
          PS: By the way can I invite you to help Thomas regarding to the button script ? He is in need of limiting the script action to items on a specific layer. I tried to help but not sure to implement your script well.