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    How to  select Printer.POSTSCRIPT_FILE ppd

    John.Kordas Level 1
      I've been able to set up Olav's script to automate the print process but I'm having an issue using the PPDValues.DEVICE_INDEPENDENT; option. This ppd does not give me access to the page options in the print dialog. We require our prints to have a buffer of 20mm around the page. I do have the PrinergyRefiner.PPD available in my ppd drop menu but am not able to select it using:


      I would prefer to use PPDValues.DEVICE_INDEPENDENT because it would mean you would not need to set up specific ppds on each users PC to get the script to work. When I do use this option and create a ps file then PDF it to view the results I'm finding the page is cropping off. Even setting the slug to 20mm all round the doc does not seem to fix it.

      Should PPDValues.DEVICE_INDEPENDENT work?
      Can anyone tell me how I would be able to select the Prinergy ppd?

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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          John.Kordas Level 1
          I've just worked out that because PPDValues.DEVICE_INDEPENDENT does not have a page setup and the my distiller default page setup was smaller than the page being created the image was getting cropped off.

          Unfortunately it looks like I will need to tell the script to select a specific pdd. If anyone call help it would be appreciated.
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            [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant
            (Untested) In PrinterPreset: ppd any r/w The PPD, specified as a PPD name or an enumeration. Can return: PPDValues enumerator or String.

            The only available
            i defined
            value in PPDValues is "DEVICE_INDEPENDENT", so all other values should be supplied as a string.
            It is a read/write value, so the regular way of checking what this string should be, is to first set your wanted option, then read it so you know what the string should look like. Most likely, however, it's just the full name of the PPD: "PrinergyRefiner".
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              John.Kordas Level 1
              Thanks Jongware,

              The way I got around this was to set up the prinergy ppd as a print to file printer on my windows system. I used the adobe postscript driver to set up the printer. Once I did this it created a printer called Prinergy Refiner.

              In my script I set the printer as:
              .printPreferences.printer = "Prinergy Refiner";

              All works well. Originally I had the ppd sitting in my spooled folder (XP) and In Design picked it up. I was hoping the script would do the same but did not have any luck.