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    InDesign Export to PDF and PDF Destinations/Bookmarks

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      Hello all,
      I am new to this forum and am not sure where the most appropriate location for this question is. But, here goes:

      We are adding Bookmarks to an InDesign Doc then exporting it to a PDF. In the Acrobat Reader and the IE Acrobat reader the bookmarks work just fine. Here his where the problem is. I have to link to the PDF's bookmarks from a web page. I have come to find out that I can't link directly to a bookmark but I have to link to a "Destination."

      The PDF Exporter or InDesign adds a Destination name that is not the same as the bookmark name. It includes the indd file name and the part of the sentience that the book mark is next to.

      I have used Adobe Acrobat Professional to create a custom Destination that is one word without spaces. I am able to link to that destination but I can't link to any of the destinations that either InDesign or the PDF exporter created.

      Does anyone know how to force the Destinations names to be set to the name of the bookmark that is being mapped to it? Or, how to link to a bookmark name rather then a Destination.

      I have also did some searching for some VB to Acrobat scripting and found that I can't edit Destination names.

      This is for an on going project that is sure to have a lot of updates. We do not want to have to goto Acrobat and fix the Destinations by hand for every update. Plus, we don't want to link to the page number because we are never sure when pages will change and again do not want to always fix the PDF or HTML index page every time.

      Thank you for your time,
      Michael Hamilton
      Learning Designs Inc
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          Michael, did you ever find out how to solve this problem?  I've got the same problem.




          -- Tom Dayton

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            Michael, I've got one solution that meets my needs but maybe only part of your needs:

            Buy AutoBookmark from Evermap:  http://www.evermap.com/autobookmark.asp#Creating%20Destinations%20From%20Bookmarks

            It's a plugin to Adobe Acrobat (not Reader), but it works only in MS Windows, not Mac.

            After you've installed that plugin, Acrobat's Plug Ins menu has a Destinations menu item with some choices you're going to use.

            Open with Acrobat, the PDF file that has the destination names that have that bothersome <filename>.indd prefix.  Use the Plug Ins > Destinations menu's item to export the destinations as a plain text file.

            Edit the resulting plain text file with any plain text editor.  Globally search and replace the filename prefix with nothing.  Save and close that file.

            Back in the Acrobat window of your PDF file, use the Destinations menu's choice to delete all destinations.

            Now use the Destinations menu to import the destinations file you just edited.


            BUT the part of your problem that this won't solve, is the presence of a portion of the sentence in the destination.  That's not a problem for me, because I'm creating all my destinations as parts of the sentence.