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    Embedded fonts, multiple flex apps, text areas and copy/paste


      Flex 2.01, Windows XP:

      We have two flex apps. One uses the default font (A), the other uses an embedded font (B). Both have text areas.

      When we copy from (A) to (B), the text is "entered" into the component but not visible.

      I was able to reproduce by going to these Adobe sites:

      (1) Flex 2.01 Component Explorer
      (2) Using Embedded Fonts

      Go to site (1) and open the Visual Component->Text Controls->TextArea component. Copy the non-HTML text area from the example.

      Now go to site (2) and try to paste into the first or second text area; nothing is shown. But go to the LAST text area on this page and it will be pasted. Though the last textarea says it is using an embedded font, I don't believe it (since it doesn't look like the font specified).

      When I embed the same font into BOTH flex apps, copy and paste works without problems.

      Any ideas?