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    Logging in remotely with CFHTTP

      I am trying to automate page downloads from an online catalog site. Unfortunately the site requires a login first. I am trying to automate the login process by submitting all the form fields via cfhttp, but apparently the site is unable to set cookies to the coldfusion browser. Below is the code i am using to access the page, but I get errors back saying my browser is not able to accept cookies. I tried changing the useragent value of the cfhttp tag but to no avail. I also tried sending the entire contents of the cookie fgile that gets put on my machine when I log in manually and sending it as a cfhttpparam type="cookie". I gave that param the same name as the text file and copied the entire contents of the file to the value attribute. still no luck. any ideas are appreciated.

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          Mr Black Level 1
          It is possible, but you have to track all cookies, including those that are set between redirects, if any. This is why, you cannot use redirect="yes", but have to process redirects explicitly. There might be already [needed] cookies set by the form displaying page. Of course, you have to follow all rules for cookies, track, store, and set them, as needed. There is no such thing, as "Cold Fusion Browser" - you have to emulate a "browser" on your own.

          Alternatively, you can use CFX_HTTP5 instead of CFHTTP. This tag handles those issues for you. However, it is only for Windows.
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            BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            What if you also send the attributes useragent, username and password as cfhttpparams? What if you don't send any useragent information at all?